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What do you think matters most for Canada’s future with Asia?

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Engage with a dynamic community of innovators and tell us what you think matters most for Canada’s future with Asia.
Create a video short that describes an issue, challenge, or opportunity you feel Canadians should be thinking about in our relations with Asia. Is it family values? Freedom of speech? Fusion cuisine?
Share your vision, and help ignite an exciting new Canada-Asia dialogue!  
If you’re between the ages of 18-35, we want to hear from you.  Upload your video  – anything from a mini-documentary, animated short, visual collage, or even a cameraphone capture – be as creative as you like!  We’re looking for forward-thinking entries between 30 sec. – 3 min. in length, with the main idea articulated as a theme or short phrase.  Enter now, and put our money where your mouth is!
Tell us:  “What’s your vision for Canada’s future with Asia?”

More about the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, visit: www.asiapacific.ca


Compact and Useful Bathroom Design Tips From Home Decor Specialists

One of the spaces we are destined to become quite intimate with in our home is definitely our bathroom. Many people start the day out there and end it as well, so this is why so many Ottawa residents are investing in home decorating services to make sure they get the most out of their entire home, not just their bathroom.

Here are some quick tips as provided by qualified and affordable design firms in the Ottawa area. Click here to book your free consultation with InteriorDesignOttawa.com for even more cool in person design tips.

Easy Interior Design Tips For Your Small Bathroom

While many people think bathroom design ends at making sure all your fittings match, it is actually a lot more intensive than that. If you are lucky enough to have a window in one of your bathrooms you should definitely consider utilizing it for a source of natural light. Coupled with effective positioning of your bathtub, you can really make your bathroom space come alive.

Utility is also a big concern for those with smaller spaces and putting in compact and useful shelving will open up other areas and maximize your comfort while minimizing the potential for countertop clutter to take over. Other popular concepts we often see in succesful bathroom designs are recessed lighting and hidden compartments where toothbrushes and other accessories can be stowed. You’ll rarely see a raised sink unit if your dealing with a small condo sized bathroom.


With so much information on the net, it can be overwhelming deciding what the best options are for each element of your home can be hard. We highly recommend investing in at the very least, an on-site consultation with a qualified interior designer.